World’s Most Expensive Ads That You Should Watch

Advertisements have the ability to beat in their message in the shortest duration of time. Companies know their efficiency and hence invest heavily in them. The product may or may not be good, but if the ad is exciting enough, it gets most of the job done.

You can usually tell how much money has been spent on one. Everyone works on a  budget but their ability to do justice to the product sets them apart. These guys have put in their heart and soul and most importantly, a ton of money to get these visual advertisements to grab the attention of the consumers for their running duration.

1. Chanel

This Chanel ad starring Nicole Kidman, cost a whooping $33 million. The director Baz Lurhrmann had also worked with her earlier in her movie Moulin Rogue. The Screenplay of this ad resembles the movie a lot, showing Kidman running away from paparazzi to a writer in a taxi who doesn’t know about her celebrity status. Her dress has attracted quite a lot of attention and this perfume ad has been shot with the building flashing the Chanel logo.

2. Guinness Beer Tipping Point

This 2007 ad is worth watching for the entire 1 minute 30 seconds. It shows exemplary domino engineering without using any kind of special effects. No wonder it took 606 takes to make this one! The star of this ad is the beer itself and the climax is reached when around 6000 dominoes move to reveal one huge Guinness beer simulacrum. You cannot possibly get distracted while watching this Guinness ad which cost around $20 million to make.

3. Aviva Life Insurance

Costing around $13.4  million, this 2008 ad featuring Bruce Willis, Elle MacPherson, Alice Cooper and Ringo Starr is listed among the most expensive ads. These big names have mostly been the reason of the huge cost and this ad is responsible for showing their respective journeys where they got success after changing their names. Norwich Union aspired to achieve similar success after changing its name to Aviva.

4. Carlton Draught

The cost of this $9 million ad was initially hidden from people and has managed to sell the beer just because it has been one of the coolest ads of all time. The three hundred actors who appear to be at least three thousand, thanks to digital replication, are moving in sequences singing “It’s a big ad, very big ad, this ad better sell some bloody beer.” And sure enough it did very soon. We love the giant formations which move from letters in a beer mug to a man drinking Carlton Drought with men wearing yellow clothes running into his belly, enriching his beer gut.

 5. Pepsi

Showing Britney Spears singing and dancing in different costumes for the past 5 decades, this attractive ad cost around $7.53 million to make. The tagline “Pepsi, for those who think young” has been repeated every time. The way the previous decades have been portrayed has enabled the people to relate with the brands legacy. For this very reason, this ad in 2002 managed to gain more customers for Pepsi.

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