Hang-over free alcohol North Korea

North Korea Creates Hang-Over Free Alcohol

Well, they might have a crazy Draconian set of laws and ban internet in their country, but hey, North Korea has gotten something right -and thety’re calling it hang-over-free alcohol. Don’t believe us?  The state-run newspaper The Pyongyang Times reports about an alcoholic beverage that uses ginseng and glutinous rice as its main ingredients. Hang-over free alcohol North Korea

The beverage is called Koryo Liquor and has won itself the December 15 Medal of Quality, a coveted prize in the country. The newspaper describes the drink as something which is “highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover.”

While the drink is a registered national scientific success, the evidence of its magical qualities can be provided by ginseng, an ingredient known to be able to cure hang-overs by acting on the intrinsic constitution of any form of alcohol. Looks the country has finally allowed something worth anyone’s while to be freely available for the average citizen in the country.


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