Check Out Google’s Star Wars Game, You Must

At some point during the day you will have passed by Google Search. If so, you will notice something that will make the Star Wars fan in you (if you are one) jump with excitement. The Google Search page has two lightsabers at the bottom (the Dark Side and the Light), and your job is to simply choose the side you’re on for a cool Star Wars: The Force Awakens experience.

Once you choose a saber, Google takes you to a new Force Awakens themed page. The page has a bunch of exciting things you can do, like change your Google dp to blue (Jedi) or red (Dark Side) depending the side you choose. After choosing a side, you’ll find that all your Google-related apps and services will have a Force Awakens theme, with lightsaber loading screen and a Star Destroyer as your wallpaper.

star wars 01

Scroll down and you’ll see the Lightsaber Escape, a browser-based game which requires you to open your Chrome browser on both the desktop and smartphone, after which you’ll get to play an old-fashioned “rail shooter”-style game. The games is really basic (one that moves you along a fixed path, giving you no control on where you go) where you attempt to deflect the incoming laser blasts of storm troopers as you attempt to escape an Empire Star Destroyer.

star wars

What makes the game interesting is that you get to control the lightsaber by moving your phone around rather than the mouse or keyboard. Just head to the Website (which is optimized for Chrome, but works on other browsers) and then type the specific URL it gives you using your phone’s Web browser of choice.

Star wars 05

Google also has a large Cardboard VR module for Star Wars; using it, it’s possible to interact with droids, watch spaceships crash, and receive messages “on” alien worlds, including the new film’s desert planet Jakku. Of course, you’ll need an actual Cardboard VR to experience this.

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