Father’s Day Ads

5 Amazing Father’s Day Ads That Got the Message Right

However tall we may become, however far we may go, however hard we may fall – our fathers will continue to be the real-life super heroes of our life. The men who made us strong, as they kept growing weak each day need to be given a tribute for all that they have put aside for our sake. These commercials in just a few minutes capture all the emotions that a father bears under his strict guise, in all phases of our lives.

This Father’s Day, express your love to the one man who truly deserves it the most.

When a father teaches his daughter to fight domestic abuse.


When a mother plays the role of a father to her children.


When a father lies to his daughter to keep her happy.


When a father brings his son back on his feet.


When a father strives in each moment of his child’s struggle.



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