Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice Review


No, it is not a movie you’d expect to be the aftermath of a Dark Knight movie. The trailer that shook all superhero fans a year ago also marked the arrival of the Justice League in the spirit of success seen by “Marvel.”

Caution Review May Contain Spoilers

The Story

The concept of Batman and Superman fighting always leads back to Frank Miller’s comic book The Dark Knight Returns.  Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice, begins right after Man of Steel ends, in the aftermath of all the destruction thanks to the battle between Zod and Superman. Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), aka Batman, sees all the damage and a lot of co-workers dead thanks to a building collapse in downtown Metropolis, which happens to be across the bridge from Gotham.

B vs S 1

A furious Lex Luthor fuels Batman’s rage against Superman by feeding him all the information that leads him into a battle with the alien superhero. Wayne thinks a fight will make Superman and the world more cognizant of his capabilities. The story shows him stuck in a loop; he simply can’t see past Lex Luthor’s (Jesse Eisenberg) tricks and an ongoing media narrative that Superman is dangerous.

While Superman (Henry Cavill) has his issues with how the Batman is dealing with crime and leading to the deaths of those incarcerated by Batman. When Lex Luthor captures Clark Kent’s mother “Martha Kent” and forces Superman to fight with the Dark Knight, is where the Movie truly begins. Batman has managed to score the Kryptonite being illegally imported by Lex and managed to make three gas grenades and a Spear.

B Vs S

Lex Luthor on the other side is obtaining some Kryptonite and urges the government to build a weapon as a deterrent in case there need be a war, and the said weapon is required to protect mankind. Lex is also holding files on Other Justice League heroes from the past including Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, who all make cameo appearances in the Movie. Wonder Woman, however, has a much larger role.

Lex also gains access to the crash site of Zod’s ship and uses the genesis chamber and Zod’s Body to create Doomsday, imbued him with few of his feelings, mostly hate and destruction. Doomsday, stronger and more evolved (yet uglier) than Superman himself, feeds on energy and grows stronger with every government attack, including a nuclear one.


When Batman tries to take doomsday away from the city and finds himself in trouble, is when Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) appears and rages on possibly the best battle of the movie. Wonder Woman who is impervious to all of Doomsday’s attack takes on the challenge of taking it down.

While on the other hand the Superman figures that the spear that Batman created is the only way to take down Doomsday.

Opinion Review

The movie is a dystopian version of Batman comics, in a dark and deranged slow paced story which finally leads to some fantastic action sequences.

Batman constantly feels out of control and jealous of all the attention that Superman gets in the movie. The concept of the Bat taking on the Superman is as tasteless as peas in an ice cream. Although the film does show Batman coming out on top on one occasion, You will mainly find Superman flicking Batman around like a fly, in a battle that everyone wants to see.

Ben Affleck, may be a let down for the role especially after Christopher Nolan and Christan Bale defined the Dark Knight and everything he stands for. The older Ben Affleck seems to be a brute and an ego hurt billionaire.


The Wonder Woman entry to those who are familiar with the character is possibly the best moment of the movie and so is the fight sequence that ensues.The way she moves in battle is distinctly different than the way Superman and Batman operate, thanks to her Amazonian training. That and the background score of the fight sequence is enough to make you want to watch the movie and the trip to watch it worth the effort.

The end of the movie is poorly written, the moment Superman decides to fly into doomsday with the Kryptonite-laden spear, he starts to lose his own powers. Instead of passing the spear to Wonder Woman, who seems to be handling the battle with Doomsday rather well, Superman flies into the Doomsday with the spear, in turn getting shanked by Doomsday and dying the most annoying and avoidable death.

The action is excellent and so are the graphics, Jesse Eisenberg role as the mastermind behind it all is especially worth of the applause. Overall the Movie is placed well and a deserving lead up to the DC universe of movies, which were being overshadowed by Marvel of the past few years.

Zack Snyder has tried hard to get into the minds of fans and take on what seems to be a possible dimension in the superhero saga. While many will feel let down, most will walk out of movie theaters with an overwhelming thought and an urge to watch the first Justice League movie Slated for end 2017. However the Suicide Squad slated for August and especially Wonder Woman (early 2017) will have big expectations to keep up to.



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