Models of this Fashion House Won’t Get Paid if They Don’t Eat Proper Meals

British fashion house Rose and Willard has added a very interesting clause to their contract, and it comes as a much a needed change in the fashion world. The contract demands all its models to eat in front of staff during shoots.

“We will not allow her to only eat a tiny morsel or suggest she’ll eat later. The consequence of non-compliance will be that neither she nor her agency will be paid,” says Heidy Rehman, founder of Rose and Willard.

The fashion label is clearly going to ensure its models are well-fed, whether or not they want it. This move comes in wake of many concerns regarding health of young models, as well as women all over the world who seem to get influenced by media and the glitzy fashion world. Chasing unrealistic body images has resulted in numerous eating disorders globally, demanding immediate attention.


In December, France introduced laws that bans skinny models, thereby ensuring a minimum standard of health. The British government is also investigating the issue of under-age models. There is a possibility that a minimum age requirement could be imposed which would demand all models to be at least over the age of 18 years.

Rose and Willard, on the other hand, further adds that they don’t wish to violate any principles of professionalism. All they are hoping for is addressing an important health concern of the fashion industry. What the model chooses to eat is up to her, as long as she is taking the required amount of food. Additionally, models are also free to not sign their contract and work with Rose and Willard in the future.

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