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Love is Love : 7 Stylish Men You Love But Didn’t Know Were Gay

These men never let their sexuality define their professional careers and that is probably why you fell in love with their work. Being gay or straight, of course is an individual’s personal choice, even if States around the world differ in sanctioning it. But on the historic day of love winning over discrimination in America, we would like to raise a toast to these 6 legends, who have revolutionised the fashion world with their queer style.

Giorgio Armani


Often touted as the most successful fashion designer ever born in Milan, Giorgio Armani continues to be amongst the wealthiest fashion icons at the age of 80.

He is a symbolic name in men’s dressing and has gifted major makeovers through his creations. This man has been open about his male partners, has never settled down in marital bonds, never concerned himself over a successor and most importantly, never in his long career offered his brand for a merger. He chooses to be the single share holder in his company, and has known to resist tempting offers from Gucci and LVMH.

A true leader who has never fallen into debt and has hard worked his way  to the highest rungs of success, Giorgio Armani is one man who has inspired generations of men of this century.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford

The dapper designer who inspires formal dressing in men worldwide has lived his life on his terms. From being a NYU drop-out to being almost fired by Maurizio Gucci, before turning Gucci’s fortunes around – this man has only been on an upward stead.

Men and women alike, drool at his chic style sense and wish for just a slight fraction of it. Tom Ford breaks all societal stereotypes, be it in his sexual preference for men or in his proud revelation that he wears make up everyday and so should other men.

One does not live big, and inspire others without believing in his own ideas and Tom Ford truly epitomises that for us. Oh, and did we mention? Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp are just two names in the long list of celebrities who swear by his collections.

Neil Patrick Harris

The Hollywood Reporter

Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – the legendary character who invented the ‘Bro Code’ for men often found living to please as many women on the face of earth as possible – is gay. His recent marriage with his gay partner allegedly broke the hearts of many women who couldn’t believe just how could a man play a character absolutely opposite to his inherent nature, with so much conviction. That’s the level of professionalism he practises.

Oh and there is another thing he did in his role as Barney – he gave a formal suit the status it deserves amongst ordinary men. He was always seen dressed in a suit over the show, and preached to others how and why they too should don one. Whoever said gay men tended to be feminine? Neil exhibited macho.

Manish Arora


Touted as the ‘John Galliano’ of India for his vibrant vision in couture , Manish Arora is amongst the other famous designers of the nation, who stages shows both at the Lakme Fashion and the Paris Fashion Week. He has never denied claims of being gay, and has tried to express his sexuality through his quirky creations.

A reporter from MidDay recorded –

At a show in 2003, he presented a line of sporty Lycra wear, juxtaposing the colour symbolic of same sex love, pink, with black and white. He plastered grainy screen printed images of two “boys from Banaras”, their torsos bare, hands entwined around each other, on sports bras, body-hugging jackets and sling bag. .

This was more than a decade ago, proving true the title of a fashion-forward maverick we grace Manish Arora with.

Marc Jacobs


If there is one man who loves the spotlight, it’s Marc Jacobs. This man lives in exuberance and does not know what it means to shy away from the world’s attention. He enjoys being a celebrity figure who is talked about for each one of his frivolous acts.

Behind his full, robust, proud lifestyle exists a pool of talent and hard work, that has elevated him at the world stage. He held the famed position of the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton for 15 yeras, and then just as gracefully left it for something better – for his eponymous brand. Ranked by Time Magazine amongst the ‘100 Most Influential Men in the World’, Marc Jacobs sure knows how one needs to celebrate himself before the world acknowledges and does so too.

Christian Louboutin

There does not exist one woman in this world who does not dream of owning a pair of red-soled high-heeled Loubies. The man behind these amazing shoes is Christian Louboutin, who actually helped our favourite stilettos revive from near-extinction in the 90s.

After a rebellious adolescence, where he kept away from academics and tried his hands at films, he settled down to his call of designing. He freelanced designs for popular fashion houses like Chanel and YSL before launching his own brand, that has become synonymous with women’s shoe lust. Today his red soles are copyrighted, and so is his brand in the hearts of women worldwide. Louboutin teaches how being a little rebel in life, can take one far.

Did you notice all these men had eponymous labels? They never shied away from being who they were, and rather celebrated their individuality … and that has made all the difference. 

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