This Movie is Entirely in POV Shot on a GoPro

Hardcore Henry is a new style completely Point Of View (POV) movie, and no it’s not porn (even though many parts of the name and the style of the movie suggest it).  The movie which is a sci-fi android robot future based concept (think inspector gadget meets Robocop) where a man’s body parts are replaced with machine parts after a terrible accident. The rest that ensues is pretty much as expected. You will find carnage and a whole lot of First Person action in some never before stunts and graphics (some pretty lame ones too)

What is interesting is that the whole movie has been pretty much shot using GoPro Action cameras making this a pretty low budget exercise. However, those graphics may have upped the costs a bit more than an average weekend surfing movie.

The movie is revolutionary to the cause of filmmaking and may change the perception to watching the cinema for a whole of new audiences. While you sit through this movie with your jaw dropped for the most part, it truly reminds you of what you have always wanted to see while watching an action movie. The movie stars : Sharlto Copley, Danila Kozlovsky, Haley Bennett, Andrey Dementyev, Dasha Charusha and  Sveta Ustinova.

The movie will release to the public on 8th April but, the trailer for Hardcore Henry is already at 12 million views, so there are high chances that you already saw it. If not, you can find it below.


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