France Bans Super Skinny Models1

New Law Bans Super-Thin Models in France

What started in early 2015, has finally been official by a bill passed in France last week. Skinny models have been banned from walking the ramp or appearing in commercials in the country. They will now have to meet a minimum weight requirement along with a note from the doctor regarding their health. This bill has been passed in an attempt to combat eating disorders like anorexia, especially within the fashion fraternity.

Additionally, Photoshopped images would have to be labelled “digitally altered” to prevent unhealthy obsession with unrealistic body-types. If this condition is not fulfilled, the creator of the commercial would have to pay 30% of the total expenses of the ad, or €37,500 (close to Rs. 27,000), as fine.France Bans Super-Skinny Models

The law was first introduced in March, 2015 and now it has been made official. Models would require to submit a doctor’s note stating that they are healthy and that their body mass index (BMI) is over 18, as part of the “skinny model ban”. There are penalties that include imprisonment up to 6 months and fines of up to €75,000 (close to Rs. 55,000) for those who violate this law.

Eating disorders as a result of blind obsession with skinny bodies is a common phenomenon among women all over the world. Bordering on being life-threatening, it has led to numerous serious health issues in countless women. Countries like France taking these moves would hopefully serve as a reminder for women to make health and fitness a priority over an unnaturally slim body.

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