Watch This Video of Apple Employees Celebrating The Gay Pride Parade

On June 29, 2014 Apple CEO Tim Cook along with thousands of other Apple employees and their families marched as a part of the San Francisco Pride Parade. Apple employees came from all around the world, even as far as Paris and Hong Kong to show their unwavering commitment to equality and diversity.

Tim Cook, who in the past has expressed his deep belief in equality, during the event tweeted “We believe that inclusion inspires innovation”. According to Reuters, Apple handed out free iTunes gift cards throughout the Pride Parade and set up an LGBT station on iTunes Radio. Several employees posted photos of themselves with Cook in their Apple Pride t-shirts. Along with Cook, a few Apple products made appearances as well, with the iPad Air being used for logistics operations and numerous iPhones in the hands of employees.


Thousands of Apple employees gathered on the streets of San Francisco with their rainbow colored flags and special edition shirts to show their support towards equality and diversity.

It is gestures like these that reassure our faith in humanity and bring about a feeling of mutual admiration and respect for one  another. Three Cheers for Tim Cook and Co.!

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