Indian Version of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Announced

Haven’t we all been victims of the torture of endless daily soaps, and scripted reality shows? Justice is soon going to be meted out to us, with a fresh new show designed on the lines of popular US TV series, ‘America’s Next Top Model’.

Indian Television has till date, been in its nascent stage. It was only producing generic family drama, through a plethora of shows either on singing and dancing talent or on adventure and dating challenges. Everything else that had to do with the glamorous content on fashion was pushed to the periphery, with only secondary channels featuring them.

In this scenario, the launch of our very own, ‘India’s Next Top Model’ is nothing short of an achievement. It is the counterpart of the popular US TV series, present in 20 other countries.

MTV, India’s premier channel for youth entertainment is going to host this series, and has roped in the stunning Lisa Haydon to mentor and judge the contestants. The official video for India’s Top Model casting call is pleasantly naughty and fun. We hope the show proves to be the same.


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