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New Concept Bar ‘Social Offline’ Ready to Make Delhi Work Hard, Play Hard

Ever attempted to spend a day working in a café? If you haven’t, then allow us to describe a typical day. Sitting alone in uncomfortable chairs, attempting to finish work, while a bunch of teenage girls at the next table have a loud animated discussion about One Direction. Then of course there is that nosy waiter, who turns up every twenty minutes to ask about your next order. Well, to be fair we can’t expect to be the favourite customer by hogging the free Wi-Fi and ordering the cheapest dishes on the menu.

Here’s how Social Offline, a brand new concept bar comes to the rescue.

Hauz Khas Social_10It’s located in Delhi’s uber cool, hipster-paradise Hauz Khas Village. This one-of-a-kind cafe/bar/restaurant brings with it the concept of a ‘Second Place’. A space where they’d like us to do both comfortably, work as well as play. Social Offline offers everything you might need in an office, such as a boardroom, conference room, and high-speed WiFi while simultaneously providing a fun hangout zone with food, drinks and music. Its main aim is to encourage people to be more social offline. A space where freelancers can meet, interact and collaborate.

Located in the heart of South Delhi, Social Offline has impressive interiors and a relaxed ambiance. The interiors are strongly reminiscent of a typical East London bar. With an assortment of comfortable furniture consisting recycled and upcycled elements, unfinished red brick walls and leather sofas, Social Offline is a unique setting  that overlooks the beautiful Hauz Khas Lake.

OMG Burger

The OMG Burger served up on a chopping board

Coming to the food, the dishes are artfully plated and playfully named. They’ve even added quirky elements as to how it is served; it may arrive on gramophone records, enamel plates or even wooden spiked boards. The drinks in arrive in tubs, syringes or glass beakers.

Social Offline gets top grades for its innovative concept and idea execution.  Next on their agenda is an app for the frequent visitors. It can be used to order and review food,  recommend and request music and even check in on what the other guests are up to. At Trend Police we’re constantly on the lookout for something different and this week, Social Offline has all our attention.

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