Here are Some of the Best James Bond Theme Songs


Skyfall – “Skyfall” by Adele

Best Lyrics: “Let the sky fall/ When it crumbles/ We stand tall/ Face it together”

If Shirley Bassey started it all 50 years ago with Goldfinger, then Adele completed the circle with ‘Skyfall’. This has to be one of the best Bond songs ever. From the opening burst of horns and the suddenly alluring tap of piano keys, everyone knew this was going to feel like a classic, old-fashioned Bond number. And the film was all about going back to the start; the old Bond. ‘Skyfall’ deliberately references the Monty Norman theme after the first chorus, and it’s a jazzy, almost funereal song since it would immediately follow the accidental shooting of Bond in the first reel. The song captures the very dark, personal theme that runs through the movie and the visuals was perhaps one of the best ever.

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