Now You See Me 2

Now You See Me 2 Stars Daniel Radcliffe

We all remember the pleasantly surprising movie about a bunch of illusionists called Now You See Me in 2013. The plot of the movie revolved around an FBI agent and an Interpol detective attempting to track down a team of illusionists who pull of a bank heist during their show and reward their audiences with money. If you forgot about what the fuss is all about here’s the trailer for the first movie:

The movie ends with the group disappearing, but they’re back in 2015 with a second installment called Now You See Me: The Second Act. Check it out:

The film sees Jesse Aisenberg, Dave Franco, and Woody Harellson reprise their rolls as the infamous illusionists. They are joined this time around by Lizzy Caplan who plays a character named Lula; she replaces Isla Fisher’s character. Apart from these we see Mark Rufallo, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine also reprise their respective roles. But, there’s a surprise right at the end of the trailer – Daniel Radcliffe is in it! Yes, our dearly beloved Harry Potter. All we know so far is that fact that he will be playing Michael Caine’s son, who is rather clumsy at magic. Clumsy or not, it seems you can’t take the magic out of Daniel Radcliffe.

The film is expected to release in the summer next year.


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