The Highest Paid YouTubers You Need to Check Out Right Now

YouTube has evolved from a video sharing site to an alternate Hollywood production house which is more egalitarian and profitable. YouTubers are earning in plenty, thanks to our subscriptions and the views we give them. There are more than 40 channels as of now which are earning a million dollars or more. Thinking of getting a YouTube channel and making a career out of it? That’s actually a pretty good thought because now it’s actually possible. If you have talent and can manage a decent fan following, then this is it.

Success usually comes out of an idea. These guys had their own unique strategies to make it work for them. They are all just regular people who were sitting at home and one day had the confidence to start something different of their own. You can do that too. Read on to gain inspiration from some of the highest paid YouTube Channel owners and learn what works for them.

1. Smosh (Comedy)

Earning around $5.7 million dollars a year, this comedy duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla have managed to keep their viewers entertained since 2005. Now that they have expanded, they are increasingly creating a more dynamic platform which ensures their continuity in the “most watched videos” list. They have bagged the number one title in this list three times till now and continue to keep their viewers on a roll with their latest tips and out of the world funny inventions. Their most popular video was their Pokemon theme song video which was removed after Shogakukan Productions Co. Ltd. claimed a copyright. Nonetheless, they have been outdoing themselves consistently.

2. ERB/ Epic Rap Battles of History (Music comedy)

Earning $2.4 million dollars annually, this epic digital series features Peter Shikoff and Lloyd Ahlquist in different costumes impersonating famous personalities in the form of, as the name states; Epic Rap Battles. From Gandhi to Superman, no one is out of bounds for these fellas. This ingenious idea has earned them more than 10 million subscribers. Their episode, Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader has gained a huge following with more than 62 million views. It’s definite that viewers love comedy, and the ones who come up with such bizarre ideas and continue giving heed to them are the ones most loved by the fans.

3. PewDiePie

Every serious gamer would be jealous of this YouTuber.  The Swedish gaming commentator, PewDiePie, has become a millionaire by sharing videos of him playing video games. Okay, it isn’t that simple. He’s famous for the way he immerses the viewer into his gaming experience, adding a loud running commentary with animated reactions, actions, images and video clips. You have to watch him at work to see what we’re talking about.

4. Real Annoying Orange (Animation comedy)

If fruits could talk then it would only add to the noise in the world. That is exactly what this world-famous Annoying orange is doing as well. Passing snide comments and remarks to the rest of the fruits, this creepy-looking Orange has managed an unimaginably huge fan following. Earning $3.4 million a year and getting around 1.9 billion views on all its videos, this live fruit seems to be making a huge statement. Far from being annoying, it is probably the most loved fruit now, thanks to YouTube! By the Way “KNIFE”!!!

5. Epic Meal Time (Food)

It’s always interesting to know what works for the masses and this one is just one of those video series. Earning around $1.3 million annually, this digital show just shows enthusiastic people cooking very high calorie meal, usually with bacon and Alcohol. The episodes are concluded by showing a couple of people hogging that meal in a “hogly” manner. The mess that is their youtube channel has surely made them millionares.

So, if you have something weird in mind, just get a camera and start youtube-ing. Who knows maybe you’ll be featured in the next edition of this list.

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