But First, Let Me Get My Extendable Arm For The Selfie

It’s rather awkward to ask random people to click your photos. But it’s even more awkward when you’re standing in the middle of a busy street and giving your front camera a toothy grin.

But we need photos, and good ones too. The Oxford Dictionary might have chosen the word ‘selfie’ as the Word of the Year for 2013, but we feel that its even more popular this year.

selfiesWith Snapchat and Slingshot slowly taking our social media communication, it’s become important to take top-notch pictures.  Now there’s something you can do about that. Because of course, technology has a solution for everything!

This Monopod Extendable Arm for Selfies with a Universal Mobile Holder is a must buy for all social media addicts. Available in India for only Rs 799, it can hold just about any phone and can be conveniently folded and carried in your bag. It can extend to around 3-feet, it’s fashionable and comes with a standard point-and-shoot camera holder.

We know that Ellen DeGeneres somehow managed to fit all those A-listers in one frame at the Oscars. But we seem to always struggle with it. The smartphone is passed around a lot and even then the composition of the picture is haphazard.

With the Monopod extendable arm, you can be as far from the screen as you’d like, at the same time managing to maneuver the buttons to click a decent picture.

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