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Six Greatest Sports Movies of All Time

Sports movies over the decades have been one of the most engrossing, thrilling and action packed genre of movies, tapped by the greatest actors, directors and writers.

Here is a list we consider as the Top Six greatest Sports movies of all time:

6. RUSH(2013)


Starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl; Rush is a true story based on the rivalry of the legendary Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Though considered one of the greatest rivalries in Formula One, both these racers had completely contrasting personas. On one hand Hunt was known for his flamboyant and boastful nature, on the other Lauda was known for his candour and controlled perfectionism. Directed by two-time Oscar winner Ron Howard and written by Peter Morgan, Rush with its brilliant screenplay and visual effects does not cease to amaze.



Based on a true story, set in Virginia in 1971, this movie beautifully portrays true grit, courage and determination. Coach Boone, played by Denzel Washington is appointed to replace Coach Yoast, played by Will Patton, as the first black faculty member and head coach of the football team. The movie deals with how Coach Boone transforms a team consisting of both black and white players with racist tendencies, into one inseparable force. Once again Denzel Washington proves why he is a true acting legend, making this a powerful and gripping movie, leaving you wanting more.

4. ROCKY (1976)

Raging bull

Written and starring Sylvester Stallone, Rocky is often considered one of the all-time greatest boxing movies ever made. Rocky Balboa (Stallone) plays a struggling Philadelphia boxer, trying to make it big time while working a mounting debt. He is set in an exhibition match with the heavyweight champion Apollo Creed with a chance to transform from a “nobody” to  a “somebody”.
For all the Stallone lovers, this movie is a must watch, followed by five more Rocky movies in the series.

3. THE FIGHTER (2010)


The Fighter is an inspirational true story of two brothers who re-unite to overcome all odds and lift the historic junior welterweight championship title.“Irish” Mick Ward (Mark Walberg) is a Massachusetts-born determined pugilist and Dicky (Christian Bale) plays his brother and trainer with a criminal and drug addicted past. Winner of two Oscars, this movie directed by David O. Russell, is a journey of true hardship and how the brothers fight every obstacle to unite a fractured family and eventually lift the championship.


Million Dollar Baby

Winner of four Oscars, including Best Motion Picture, this movie directed by Clint Eastwood keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout its 132 minutes. This movie stars Clint Eastwood as a veteran Los Angeles boxing trainer who keeps an arm’s length from everyone; Morgan Freeman as an old friend and associate of Clint and Hilary Swank as a persistent yet determined boxer who approaches Clint for his expertise. Eventually, he relents, and the two form an irrevocable bond that changes them both.  

1. RAGING BULL(1980)

Raging bull

Starring the two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro and Directed by Oscar winner Martin Scorsese, Raging Bull is a story of brute, force anger and grief. This movie is the story of Jake LaMotta, former boxing champion, whose success in the ring is offset by his notorious domestic life of rage, jealousy and suspicion. This movie is the rise and fall of a middleweight boxing champion, who eventually finds himself desolate with a final chance at redemption.

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