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Burberry To Broadcast Its Spring 2016 Lineup On Snapchat

We’ve already spoken a lot about technology becoming a huge part of the fashion industry with Rebecca Minkoff’s whole new line for fashionable tech accessories that are making the news. But, much before Rebecca Minkoff, Burberry had stepped into this world of tech-fashion. It had previously partnered with Periscope- Twitter’s live streaming application to broadcast its ‘London in Los Angeles’ show, and thereby becoming one of the very few haute couture houses to make itself accessible to the general public.

The London in Los Angeles Show

The London in Los Angeles Show

This time Burberry is back, not with Periscope but with Snapchat. The British fashion house is all set to share glimpses of its Spring 2016 lineup, straight from its design studios to fans, even before it is showcased at the London Fashion Week. Now, that is a real treat! It makes people like us feel like Anna Wintour once in a while.

The officially unofficial Burberry family

The officially unofficial Burberry family

As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also going to be posting behind-the-scenes ‘snaps’ from the 20th of September 2015 at 2:00 PM. To watch the behind-the-scenes prep you’ll have to add Burberry on Snapchat but once the show begins, you can watch it on Snapchat’s Live Stories.

Burberry Vogue

Burberry has really been on top of its tech game, with all these collaborations with Periscope, Snapchat and even Apple Music. Yes, Burberry is the first luxury fashion brand to get a Music Channel to itself. Today, with social media becoming the largest most influencial platform of thought and expression, we see even the most exclusive and elitist fashion houses trying to reach out to the people. Finally, it seems Social Media has brought to us the power of people and their thoughts. Although, that is debatable as to how much power really, but that’s another topic altogether. As of now, let’s all rejoice and keep a hawks eye on Burberry’s new line.

Burberry’s collection debuts on Snapchat at at 7pm BST on 20th September.

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