Tech Meets Fashion With Rebecca Minkoff’s New iPhone Charging Wallet

There is a new trend that’s coming into the fashion industry – tech. From Burberry to Louis Vuitton, tech has been adding extravagance to their shows since its arrival. Today, not only do designers use technology in their runway shows but also in their products. So, it’s not surprising that it is making such serious inroads into the fashion world.

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The latest designer to get caught up in the tech of it all, has been Rebecca Minkoff. She is touted as being the designer that is at the forefront of technology and is reportedly focusing on a new line of tech wear this season. She has also been one of the first designers to use SnapChat as a platform to showcase her line back in 2013.

This time she has coupled with Case-Mate to bring together a new line of tech wear accessories at the New York fashion Week 2015. The major feature that has been seen in her designs this year is the phone charging facility. For example: She has a charging wristlet folio for $120 which has a built-in phone charging case.

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However, what we are really excited about is the iPhone charging wallet and phone compartment she has created. While the wallet will come in black, almond and cobalt , the phone compartment is attached to a cool fringe purse and features a screen display, two card slots and a snap closure. This phone compartment charger is also compatible with the Galaxy S6 and will allow up to two and a half charges per phone.

“As wearable tech evolves, more of the conversation should be devoted to what makes the customer’s day-to-day easier in all aspects of her life — not just health. We believe the most critical thing in her life today is connectivity, and charge has a lot to do with that.” said Uri Minkoff, CEO of the brand.

Apart from the charging accesories, the brand has also created accessories for the Apple Watch. They will roll out two types of watch bands – one with a snakeskin design and the other in a double wrap design; just like the Apple-Hermes watch.

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With such inclusive inroads into fashion, it is yet to be seen how compatible tech is with it. The above mentioned products have launched today. Get ready for the tech-fashion revolution, it’s here.

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