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Philipp Plein Reveals His Futuristic Side at Milan Fashion Week 2015

The Milan Fashion Week has just kicked off and this time it brought some very futuristic trends with it. For German designer Philipp Plein, the concept of extravagance and OTT seem to be the only two things on his mind when he’s creating a line. Last season he built a fully functioning roller coaster to showcase his collection. Here is what it looked like :

Philipp Plein Roller Coaster

By looking at the above image, you can probably predict what 2015’s show could possibly look. This year the designer took it to the next level by incorporating Chinese made drones, huge robots and a travelator. As if this wasn’t enough, he also added a robotic rock band that accompanied Courtney Love, who opened the show with a performance.


There was a digital twist even on the ramp; the models did not walk like they usually do, instead they came decked up on a travelator as if they were on a factory assembly line. You think this is the end, but there were also giant robots flanking the ramp. What for you ask? They’re there for handing over accessories to the models. We’re not sure about clothes, but the designer is definitely portraying what technology can do to human beings – make them lazy or make life convenient, whichever suits you.


It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t mention the clothes at all, so what we can decipher is that, the line is trying to give us an idea of futuristic fashion. What is it supposed to be then? A lot of metallic shades, sunglasses, glitter, sharp designs, and definitely OTT designs too. The theme for the show was #punkplein, so we’re guessing the dark themed runway design isn’t far away from it, but its definitely portraying a more futuristic (for lack of another word) punk style.


Here are a couple of Instagram shots and Twitter posts that will give you an idea of what went down at this show:

Twitter MFW2015


Are we ready for loud fashion? We’ll just have to wait and see 20 years later whether we’re casually walking down the streets wearing a metallic costume.

For more information on the Milan Fashion Week click here.

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