Britain’s Top Photographer Inspires House of Holland’s First Menswear Collection

First impressions often linger on and British Fashion house – House of Holland seems to have worked this golden rule well. For its first ever Menswear Collection, it has paired up with Britain’s lauded photographer Martin Parr and has made an absolutely spot on debut.

Henry Holland’s new menswear line is inspired by Parr’s photography right from its design stage to its ultimate launch. The theme for the designer collection is Working Class English Fashion, with ideas from the lives of modernists and football hooligans amongst others. The result is denim jackets and sweaters streaked in neon, button-down shirts in loud plaid, soccer shirts emblazoned with the words “lads,” “lover,”, “legend,” and T-shirt with titles like “Your banter is bullshit.”



This theme has intensified with Martin Parr’s collaboration as Parr is widely known as the chronicler of British Society. His brilliantly realistic shots of Britain’s classes have proved to be the perfect context for Holland’s collection.

At the official launch, Parr’s images of models wearing Holland’s latest collection at regional bus stops, butcher shops and cafes were a pleasant surprise and garnered much appreciation for the brand.



The collection is already available, and you can buy it here.

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