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5 Original Indian Web Series You Should Check Out Today

We know that the reason you started watching English TV Series was to simply escape from the mindless drama that Indian TV had to offer. We also understand that you got hooked on to them because of their fresh storyline and clever content. But what if we tell you that there is an even better alternative for your entertainment?

Popular production houses like TVF (The Viral Fever) and AIB (All India Bakchod) have come out with their own original web series that are as smart, funny and engaging as any of your favourite foreign shows. The relate-able characters, language and situations dramatised in these will crack you up and leave you asking for more. Trust our word and the wit of TVF and AIB,  and give their trailers a watch.

We are sure you will find new names to add to your favourite watch list:

1. Permanent Roommates by TVF

The story of Tanya and Mikesh, a modern day couple who are struggling to transform their long distance relationship into a live-in relationship. You will fall in love with all the little troubles they face.


2. Baked by ScoopWhoop

This one is for everybody who has ever stayed in a rented place with a couple of friends in college. The three central characters with their many quirks are sure to getting you giggling.


3. Pretentious Movie Reviews by Kanan Gill

Like the name suggests, these two guys  from IIT are out reviewing movies and how. It’s not the latest releases that they are discussing in each episode, but the most silly and mindless Bollywood movies that were ever made. Watch them make fun of  the widespread stupidity of Hindi cinema.


4. Pitchers by TVF

This one is for all of you living a 9 to 5 job life, secretly wishing to ditch everything and start your own shop. This one is written with such insight and intelligence, that its storyline, characters and their real-life inspired subtle humour will stay with you long after the episode is over.


5. Honest Indian by AIB

Not really a TV series like others, but one with a format so uniquely amusing that it will lay bare to you the society’s hypocrisy while making you laugh about it. Classic AIB!


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