5 Hottest Trends We Loved At London Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer’16

With over 70 designers participating, London Collection’s Men, proved to be quite an extravagant affair. From designer debuts to male model moments, London had it all. While Paris and Milan are yet to stage their men’s fashion shows, we are sure the trends we spotted at LCM will make a re-appearence at these two fashion stops too.

Green is the New Black

Changing the staple color of men’s wardrobe from black to green, LCM gave this color the attention it deserves. From Burberry to Richard James, we saw ample splash of green on stage.


Man Pockets

With the magic to give an edgy look to any topwear, these over sized man pockets seen on the runway, are as functional as macho.


Stripes All The Way

Horizontal or vertical, printed over a full suit or across jackets – stripes were a favourite on the runway with everyone from Alexander McQueen to Tom Ford and Oliver Spencer.


Jungle Look

The runway at LCM was awash with jungle themes played on by many designers from Coach to Christopher Raeburn. Everything Jungle inspired from vibrant tropical florals, palm prints and safari animal patterns could be seen making its way across.

jungle 2

Wide-Leg Trousers

What’s not to love about men in pairs of comfortable, wide-leg trousers? This trend was interpreted in many ways by many designers from baggy jeans to prints and also the classic cargo style pants.

baggy trouser


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