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10 Easy Steps to Boost Your Creativity

Original thought is a rare thing to be found in a world full of beautiful ideas that, in fact, shape our reality. Creativity is closely linked to the senses, a subtle connection, which makes it rather confusing to understand as to why there should be such a dearth of creative impulse in certain people. Could it be ignorance? Maybe.

However, creativity is definitely not limited to a certain type of folk as some people would like to think. It can be cultivated using outside forces in almost anyone who is genuinely willing to indulge in creative thinking. Here are 10 ways to awaken your creative self:

1. Connect with Nature

Spending time in a natural environment is a good exercise for the brain as it involves exploring intricate patterns found in nature. Since we are a part of the grand creation we seek to be inspired by, we tend to strike a bond with everything that we see and observe. This helps to sensitize one to beauty that may be too subtle to notice at first glance.

2. Daydream.

A wandering mind is a sign of willing indulgence in the creative thinking process. You may have memories of being ridiculed by either your parents or your teachers for daydreaming back in school. However, recent research shows that it, in fact, boosts creativity and may help achieve grand realizations that may aid in thinking creatively.


3. Spend Some Time Alone.

You must have heard how most artists are loners. This observation is simply incorrect. Taking some time off for yourself does not only cleanse your mind of tensions and divert stress, but it also enables you to introspect and reflect. Which is extremely important in order to be creative, as it enhances intuition and lets your mind wander freely without mental constraints.


4. Think Positive.

Obstacles are a part of life. The difficult thing to realize is that they can well be overcome with the power of positive thinking. Being positive can help you see things in the opposite light thereby giving you a different perspective, a paradoxical image of a problem maybe, or any other situation. This will help motivate you and spark your creative impulse which may in turn lead you to create wonderful work. This however should not be confused with negative or positive emotions as they both may play a part in the creating process.


5. Be Curious.

Information is essential for creativity to take form. Researchers suggest that creative people have “messier minds.” Being curious about life and things in general makes your mind wander and wonder at the same time. This may give you some interesting questions to address if not the answers. More information makes you creative as your mind rummages through the box to find something unusual to inspire creative thinking.


6. Observe Everything.

If you look around you intently, you might realize that everything within the proximity of your senses is comprehendible in so many ways that you could imagine a full-fledged story on the most mundane things that are merely a part of our everyday life. Observing things with the intention to gain insight is said to improve focus and helps build more advanced cognitive abilities that might help you create original content.


7. Take Risks.

Taking risks is only a bad idea as long as you are not ready or prepared to accept failure. Most people with advanced creative abilities show alternative views and original ideas just about anything. Leap of faith is just as important to foster creativity as it involves the dissolution of boundaries that conditions your mind, and morphs them to suit your own needs and passions. It then becomes an effortless exercise for you to think out of the box without fear.


8. Appreciate Beauty.

Being surrounded by beauty and treasuring it as an inspirational tonic may well be of use in case you are looking to advance your creativity. Appreciating beautiful things may lead to refining your taste through heightened sensitivity thereby improving your sense for aesthetics.


9. Listen to Music.

No kidding! Classical music has been proven to improve creativity and concentration in people. According to a recent study, listening to music stimulates that particular region of the brain which is responsible for producing dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is essentially associated with pleasure. Music could sharpen your creativity.


10. Meditate.

Being in a trance and emptying yourself out in a state of consciousness is considered a good way to boost creativity and enhance your creative thinking abilities to the extent that could go well beyond your expectations. Meditation is a way to clear your mind of all the distractions that may be hindering you from creating. It lets you think more lucidly, so you are able to construct and control your own thoughts.


Fuel your creativity by keeping these simple points in mind, and you shall never fail to achieve what you want out of your work. Happy creating!

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