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3 Censored TED Talks That Went Public

Censorship in TED talks have been a hot topic of debate. It is about the internet creating much anxiety about TED’s credibility with respect to its motto that says “Ideas Worth Spreading”. There has been a rising interest in “conspiracy theories” that can actually be dangerous to comply with. Since nothing can really be hidden from the public once it has made its way online, we really have nothing much to worry about.

Whether TED intends to secure its brand name by censoring controversial material or if it has fallen under the hands of capitalists or propagandists; at the end of day, it is for you to decide what to believe once you have had access to it. Moreover, it is not as if TED has never published any offbeat ideas worth spreading on its site and which you must have found intriguing too.

And with that note, here is a list of 3 TED talks that couldn’t stay hidden away from the public:

1. The War on Consciousness.

Journalist and writer Graham Hancock shares an interesting observation on ancient art and culture vis-a-vis the use of hallucinogenic substances by our ancestors as tools or catalysts to expand consciousness. While offering an alternative perspective on our own history, Hancock draws our attention to the hypocrisy ingrained within our present culture.

2. The Science of Delusion.

Author and researcher Rupert Sheldrake smashes all grounds upon which the scientific community has been establishing its claims as sacred and absolutely true. He wittily challenges the age old dogmas that no one dares to even question.

3. Rich People Don’t Create Jobs.

Unlike the anti-capitalist rage evident in the recent “conspiracy theories”, the following talk about the economic structure of a capitalist society that we all live in is both enlightening and sensible. Watch how the capitalist entrepreneur Nich Hanauer unveils the suppressed view about the present state of things.

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