Reinventing Cultural Trends With Kaleidoscope Prism Glasses

Creativity and innovation will never fail to surprise you. We live in an age and time where experimentation is going wild with new avenues of interest being born every day. While the internet probably has a lot to do with it, the fact that it’s opening up many possibilities for the New Age Man as he can incorporate these novel ideas in creative thinking process, while evolving to a whole new level of intelligence, is both remarkable and exciting.

With the advent of psychedelic culture or resurgence of the same since the 60’s, there came a revolution that changed the entire face of humanity. A movement mostly associated with the youth is however no longer limited to the experimental music and drugs as it came to be known for. It has become a way of life where people from all age groups can decide whether to see things differently or to go along with the norm.

LADYGAGA_sunglasses3Well, creators will create. Kaleidoscope Prism Glasses by H0les hit the market last spring. It is a wonderful invention that could take you away from the mundane reality. It is capable of filling your mind with childlike wonder seeping through the doors of perception that crack wide open once you realize how creative and psychotic it makes you feel.

Lady Gaga was seen wearing a custom pair of H0les creations earlier this year. Although the round frame of the glasses brings back memories as if from a lost spring for some, yet, here they are again. An expression of the evolving age and time at the beginning of a new era.

The concept behind kaleidoscope prism glasses is based on the creator’s experiment with light and perception. According to its designer, Pam Tietze who is a New York based artist, designer and filmmaker, the goggles enable one to alter reality itself while experiencing a heightened state of awareness about seemingly mundane things in the environment. Light refracted off the prism glass enhances the sensation of color that becomes more vivid while wearing the goggles. The glass is designed and cut in a way that it alters one’s perception while the person’s looking through them.


It is the next step in eyewear trends and in contrast to the Google Glass that offers utility and a compact solution to real life problems, Kaleidoscope Prism Glasses comes as a fascinating get away tool for recreation.

A creative accessory to add to your psychedelic collection, H0les Kaleidoscope Prism Glasses takes the traditional kaleidoscope to a whole new level while providing us with a new way to experience reality.

You can order your own pair of Kaleidoscope Prism Glasses here.

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