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December Reading List: Books You Missed Last Month

Winter is the perfect season to curl up and sip hot chocolate as you read an engrossing book. Well, we know that deciding which book to pick up can be quite a difficult task, so we decided to step in.

Here’s a list you probably missed last month but should definitely get your hands on this December.

1. Time and Time Again by Ben Elton

Time and time again 1

In his new thriller, Ben Elton weaves a time-travelling yarn. The story is about Hugh Stanton, an ex-soldier of the war, who has the one chance to change history; to prevent the declaration of war against Serbia, World War I. The war begins with one bullet. Stanton time travels to June 1914 to prevent the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand and his Duchess in Sarajevo – one of the most calamitous events of the 20th century. The only question is, will he be able to do it? Ben Elton’s cleverly written Time and Time Again is a must-read.

Why should you read this? The relevance of ‘what if?’ scenario in a historical thriller is taken to a whole new level in this thriller.

2. Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favourite Literary Characters by Mallory Ortberg

Texts from Jane Eyre

The name says it all. Mallory Ortberg’s new book is hilarious and truly displays the power of imagination. The idea behind the book is simple – what if your favourite literary characters had cell phones with unlimited data plans? What would they text each other? Would they use emojis? Would they bad mouth each other? Or would they profess their love over phone? This book has it all. Intriguingly imagined and cleverly written, Texts from Jane Eyre and Other Conversation with Your Favorite Literary Characters brings the characters from literature out in the 21st century.

Why should you read this? If you’re a literary buff, we don’t think you need a reason.

3. Funny Girl by Nick Hornby


Nick Hornby has a knack for creating interesting characters and turning them into more than just individuals. Barabara is a young and beautiful woman whose hero in life is Lucille Ball. She is firm about leaving the ties of her small town life, her family and even her name, if that’s what it takes. The story follows her encounters with the world of sitcom comedies of the swinging 60s. Barbara Parker becomes the funny, famous and oh-so-loved Sophie Straw and what follows is the dark world of parading actors for the audience’s amusement.

Why should you read this? The book captures the suffocation of women in high society like no there has before.

4. Black Moon Draw by Lizzy Ford


The author of the best-selling Rhyn Trilogy, Lizzy Ford has managed to grab the reader’s attention yet again. This story follows Naia, a young girl, recently dumped by her fiancé. The incident has turned her into a loner, a wall flower and has gotten her glued to books more than people. Naia has been obsessively reading a book by the evasive author LF. Things get interesting when she wakes up to find herself trapped inside the book. In order to step out, she must convince the hero, the Shadow King, to help her.

Why should you read this? This one will leave you with an urge to be trapped in a book.

5. The Duet by R.S. Grey

The Duet

A young-adult romance, The Duet is a story that follows Brooklyn Heart, a sexy but lonely pop singer and Jason Monroe, a broody lone-wolf solo artist for a performance at the Grammy’s. The story reveals what happens when two people with different personalities and musical styles come together. Is it really wise to pair the polar opposites?

Why should you read this? If you want a light-hearted yet humorous read, this is your pick!

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