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Top 5 Most Outrageously Expensive Celebrity Mansions

Although mansions for celebrities have been a matter of prestige, but the dollars spent on some of these mansions will shock you. Beware, this is not for the light hearted.

We have compiled a list of top 5 most expensive celebrity homes of all time:

5. Hugh Hefner – $54 Million

hugh hefner

The 88-year-old founder of Playboy shed a whopping $54 million on his huge mansion in Los Angeles. The mansion also has its own zoo, aviary, and waterfalls! With all the amenities of Hugh Hefner’s mansion, it may seem like he has everything that one can only dream of.

4. Tiger Wood – $60 Million

Tiger Woods Estate

Often regarded as one of the most successful sportsmen in the world, Tiger Woods spent $60 Million on his mansion in Jupiter, Florida. However being one of the most highest paid athletes 60 mil would not put too much of a dent in his pocket.

3. Oprah Winfrey – $85 Million

Oprah winfray

After running her successful show for 25 years, Oprah was able to invest in an extremely lavish mansion. Her home in California consists of 6 bedrooms, 10 fireplaces, 14 bathrooms, a lake for her exotic fish collection, and her own movie cinema.

2. Bill Gates – $ 147.5 Million


Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and also one of the richest men in the world owns a house in Washington that spans over 66,000 square feet which at an exorbitant price of 147.5 Million. Being the pioneer in his field, Bill Gates sure knows how to reap the rewards from it.

1. Aaron Spelling – $150 Million

Aaron Los-Angeles

Though no longer with us, Aaron Spelling lived  in his $150 Million palace which spanned over 56,500 square feet in California. He was known for  several TV hits from Charlie’s Angels to Starsky & Hutch, Charmed,Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210, and Melrose Place. The said mansion has 4 garages and an orchard. It also has a swimming pool, tennis court, skating rink, and a bowling alley.

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