GoPro Brings Epic First Person Video From Tomorrowland

If you like EDM, then you definitely know one of the most epic parties in the world called Tomorrowland. Each year, the young of the world converge in Belgium for three nights of epic partying to the tunes of the best DJ’s of our times. In the past 10 years, the extravaganza has become a global affair with live feeds and after movies being watched world over by millions.

Of course, getting to the fantasy land of EDM may not be everybody’s cup of tea but GoPro is making sure you get the feel of what it feels like to be there. The company has released an awesome first person view of the festivities. We are guided through the party and around the EDM carnival by a lady with a head mounted GoPro. The video also features the amazing Steve Aoki. It would have been fantastic to watch the first person view of getting caked by Aoki though.

The video also flaunts the amazing visual capturing prowess of the new generation GoPros. The drone shots in the video are simply mesmerising. Even the night views look amazing, and the fireworks will simply blow your mind. This is a great after-movie, and we hope we get to see more of this from GoPro.

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