10 Things You Won’t Believe are Banned in Countries Around the World!

Over the years, you might have heard of bizarre things being banned in various countries. However, we have compiled a list of ten weirdest banned items you will have a hard time believing:

1) Singapore : Chewing Gum

chewing gum

Import and Export of chewing gum is banned in Singapore which makes it difficult for local people to procure any gum. Though there is an exception for people with medical prescriptions.

2) South Korea: Online Video Games after midnight

video games

In 2011, a ‘shut-down law’ was passed in South Korea preventing children below the age of 16 years to play video games between midnight and 6 a.m. Although leniency has been shown towards this law in the recent times.

3) Iran : Ponytails


In 2010, the Iranian government issued a list of appropriate and prohibited hairstyles. Ponytails, however, fall under prohibited hairstyles in this list.

4) Malayasia : Yellow Clothing


In 2011, the Malaysian government banned yellow clothing including socks, hats, wristbands and even shoelaces as it represented a group of opposition activists.

5) Turkmenistan: Lip-Synching


In the year 2005, the President of Turkmenistan banned lip-synching in order to preserve the true culture of the country.

6) Romania : Scrabble


The Romanian leader had banned scrabble, naming it ‘subversive’ and ‘evil’. The ban however no longer exists and there is a Scrabble Federation, presently, that hosts various tournaments.

7) China : Time Travel Movies


Chinese authorities were of the opinion that time travel resulted in frivolous depictions of ‘serious history’ and hence banned time travel movies.

8) Bolivia : McDonald’s


Although it is not really a law, however it is the unanimous decision of the people in Bolivia to ban McDonald’s as it against their ancestral laws and beliefs.

9) Saudi Arabia : Valentine’s Day


The Saudi Arabian Government feels that Valentine’s Day is severely against Islamic beliefs and hence put a ban on the holiday dedicated to celebrating love.

10) North Korea : Blue jeans


Apparently, the colour blue symbolises the USA and for that reason, North Korea has banned blue jeans in their country.

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