This Crazy Video From Korea Might Just Be The Next Gangnam Style

South Korea has given this world lots of great things. Two of the biggest consumer electronic brands, LG and Samsung, hail from this Asian nation. The country has recently been in focus because of the viral hit Gangnam Style by Korean rapper Psy. This song became the first video on YouTube to decimate the 2 billion views mark. It has literally united humanity. The song now plays in Indian weddings, thats when you know a song has truly achieved its full potential. You can even find a video on YouTube where Israeli soldiers are dancing with Palestinian folks in a nightclub. This once and for all proved that world peace can be achieved rather easily, you just got to drop the right beat.

Now Psy’s compatriot is planning to take things further. Korean DJ and producer Hitchhiker has released a new video called ’11’ and it will literally take you to a bizarro world. On the base of the world we’ve come to know as real, the video overlays antics to define which, wacky, kooky and crazy would be understatements. But one thing is for sure, this video is about to win the internet. Right now, the internet is still making it’s mind about the video. At present, of the 1.8 million views, there are almost an equal amount of likes and dislikes, which has almost always been the case with viral videos. Love it or hate it, this song will stuck in your head for the coming future and you will surely be dancing in the clubs to it.

This video does makes us ask a profound question; what the hell are you smoking Korea?

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