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Pornstars Explain Net Neutrality in the Easiest Way Possible

The internet has bought a phenomenal leap for humanity as a whole. It has literally made us into an intra-planetary, cooperative species. But this fantastic tool is now in trouble. Major telecom companies are now planning to gut an important principle that has been central to the existence of the internet.

It’s called net neutrality, and it states that all data packets on the internet need to get the same speed of access. Telecom companies cannot discriminate between data as all users get the same access to the web pages. The telecom giants clearly want to bring this down so that they can charge extra for access to certain websites and churn even higher profits off our backs.

Now, pornstars are taking an initiative to help preserve net neutrality. We had previously seen the pro-net neutrality side getting a huge boost from Jon Oliver, which led to the crashing of the government website. Pornstars are universal beings. They are great unifiers, and considering that most of the people use the internet to look for them, they are ideal to bring the message of saving net neutrality.

Nadia Styles, Alex Chance and Mercedes Carrera make a video in response to a controversial tweet by the US senator Ted Cruz. He is the one responsible for shutting down the American government along with other Republicans. He gets huge political donations from the telecom companies and hence, wants to repeal net neutrality.

Killing net neutrality will end the internet as we know it. If this doesn’t get you concerned about preserving the principle of net neutrality, nothing will. Listen to these lovely ladies and support net neutrality.

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