Times Square Adds a Jaw-Dropping 8-Story-Tall Billboard

So next time you pass through the Times Square in New York you will see (whether they want to or not) the biggest, most expensive digital billboard. The billboard is made up of 24 million pixels, will be unveiled tomorrow night.

The new billboard stands eight stories tall in the center of the Times Square. Its 24 million pixels gives it an unmatched quality and higher resolution than even the best of today’s television sets. The initial rate, according to the New York Times, is more than $2.5 million for four weeks, making it the most expensive piece of outdoor ad real estate on the market


The critically acclaimed Universal Everything studio collective will animate the screen from Tuesday night until 24th November, when Google will take over as the exclusive, debut advertiser with a campaign that runs through the New Year. “Size matters in Times Square,” said Harry Coghlan, president of Clear Channel Outdoor New York, which is selling the ad space.

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