5 Unusual Ways Indian Kids Get to School

 In India, we know that some people don’t value education and end up taking the most progressive phase of our lives for granted. To encourage education, there is no doubt that there ought to be some valid means of travel to get there.

However, there are people in the same country who send their kids to school along some of the most dangerous pathways. Even with a lack of safe school routes, children in some parts of India are going over the top to get an education, although some children are also withdrawing from school, exactly because of the same reason.

Here are 5 unusual and sometimes dangerous pathways that children in India take to commute to their schools:

1.Meghalaya, India

Students of RCLP School walking down a root bridge in Nongsohphan village of Meghalaya, India.


2. Zanskar Valley, Jammu and Kashmir

Kids walking to school on the icy surface of the frozen river of Zanskar amidst the Indian Himalayas.


Photographed by Timothy Allen

3.Beldanga, West Bengal

An auto rickshaw jam-packed with pupils riding off to school in the city of Beldanga in West Bengal, India.


Photographed by Dilwar Mandal

4. Kerala

A long narrow boat decked with school children floating its way through the backwaters of Kerala, South India.


Photographed by Santosh Sugumar

5. New Delhi

A bunch of uniformed children returning back from a long day at school on a horse-cart, right in the capital city of Delhi.


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