Movpak is an Electric Skateboard Disguised as a Backpack

Well, traffic is one major problem in our lives and to avoid it, most of us use public transport. However, the hardest part can be those last 5 minutes. Between getting off of the metro or bus and walking to office. Movpak’s got a solution for that. It embraces the electric-skateboard concept, but then adds a clever backpack component so the whole thing folds up and away for when you need to dash down some steps or go inside a building for work.

The Movpak features a nifty fold-up and fold-down function that can be performed with one hand. It lets the board get sucked up into a chamber in the backpack so it can be worn like a regular pack or pulled along like usual rolling luggage. The skateboard tops out at an amazing 15 mph. It has a range of 9 miles and takes two hours to fully charge up. That means you could ride it to school or work, top off the battery, and ride home without any battery problem.  The best part is that you can charge your phone too, from the skateboard battery.


The whole kit weighs 17 pounds, which may start feeling a little heavy on your shoulders if you need to do a lot of walking, but that’s when you could just use it as a rolling bag instead. You don’t have to kick to get the Movpack moving, as there’s a wireless controller included, so all you have to do is lean slightly into the bag with your rear leg for a smooth ride. What’s more impressive, they’ve provided a reverse button on the controller too.

Ivo, Machado, co-founder of Movpak, designed the skateboard as a compact solution for traveling that people could bring with them on a train or a bus. Users can fit a 15-inch laptop in the backpack’s padded pouch, and additional pockets and zippers are available for storing work necessities and clothes.


Movpak doesn’t come cheap, the early-bird special gets you a board from the first production run for $999. After that tier, the price goes up to $1,190 for the first batch, and $1,299 gets you a board from the second run. When the Movpak is available through more traditional retail channels early next year, its creators say the price will go up to $1,999. Movpak has already completed its  $100,000 and the first batch of the electric skateboard-cum-backpack will be rolled out in April next year.

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