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John Oliver Takes On The Private College Menace

John Oliver rose to fame internationally really fast, thanks to the shows decision to post their videos on YouTube. His comical take down of the biggest institutions in America has brought him infamy on the dark side of the force but the people at large love this man. Considering his show’s format, it should be rightfully called “John Oliver sticks it to the establishment.”

This week’s show was as usual filled with hilarious, fact-checked, stinging pokes aimed at a major institution. The institution at his crosshairs this time was the crude private colleges which are saddling the students with lifelong debts and poor education.

John began by pointing out that student loan debts are the biggest debts faced by American people. It is second only to home mortgages, which says a lot about the bleak future for students who one day aspire to own a home. The segment also pointed out that unlike home mortgages, you cannot be discharged even in case of bankruptcy, which can bring you down on the streets.

What is even more infuriating is the fact that for all that money, the quality of education can only be defined as pathetic. There isn’t a lot of difference between the mushrooming private institutions of India and the west. When your sole motive is profit, quality education will surely take a back seat. The business of education is causing serious harm to future prospects of students and stealing them of their future earnings too.

But the most important suggestion given by Mr. Oliver was simply to have fun in college, which is a valid career advice. You might not get a good education there but you might as well have all the fun in your life before you are saddled with adult responsibilities. So in short, ‘Party On’!

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