Start Saving Now! Chanel Brings Out Luxury Headphones Priced at Rs. 4,00,000

If you thought the makers of the Beats Headphones were charging an exorbitant sum for their audio products, well you’re in for a surprise. Fashion Giant Chanel, in partnership with Monster, are bringing out the ‘Chanel X Monster’, a headphone so pricey, you can buy an Alto 800 and a Pulsar instead and still save some dough.

Monster, which had previously partnered with Dr.Dre to bring out Beats and recently partnered with Lamborgini for a $4.2 million limited edition Veneno sports car is no stranger to premium products.

The Chanel headphones come with a quilted leather case, which is a looker. The headphones will definitely give good audio quality but of course nothing out of the ordinary. Its branding is what gives it the steep price tag. This is a luxury product, and that’s how it is marketed.


The leather case flaunts a huge Chanel logo, and is made with they standard quilted design. The quilted design on the case is replicated on the top of the headphones which make them look rather stylish.

Chanel says they worked in collaboration with Monster to bring ‘timeless aesthetics and supreme audio technology’ to its customers. Well, considering the people who can afford this have the ability to throw it away when they’re bored of them, the timelessness goes out of the window.

These decadent headphones are priced at $5000 and will be available late September in select Chanel boutiques.

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