Aamir Khan

This Video Shows Aamir Khan Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Well we’ve seen Aamir Khan is many avatars, remember the terrifying and hulk-like Ghajini? He couldn’t be more different than the kind and concerned professor from Taare Zaamen Par.

Well, the Pretentious Movie Reviews crew has done it again; they’ve managed to show us a whole new side of Bollywood. More specifically highlighting Aamir Khan’s lesser-known feature film called ‘Tum Mere Ho.’ The movie has got the standard Bollywood masala – love, drama, romance and well, shape-changing snakes. Have a look.

[easy-youtube id=”0n7OWo4Sr6U” video_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n7OWo4Sr6U”]

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