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When Fashion Photography Goes Underwater

Many fashion photographers are moving to the shores to get their special equipment working underwater. The trend of taking detailed shots of models amidst free-flowing water has raised the standards of fashion photography, and technology has constantly been upgraded to support this unusual shift.

See what happens when these fashion photographers decide to go scuba-diving. Trend Police brings you these stunning pictures that seem to be unraveling a hidden surreal world underneath:

1. Photography by Scott Rhea

Born and raised in Louisiana, Scott Rhea who is a a professional photographer and director of films and commercials calls this enticing photography set “An Inevitable Consequence.” It is based on the creator’s dreams pertaining to the time when Hurricane Katrina brought devastation into the homes of countless people.


scott rheaa


2. Photography by Mallory Morrison

These surreal and feminine shots have been created by L.A-based Mallory Morrison, and brought together by merging two of her passions i.e. dancing and photography. The minimalist settings in her compositions seem to tell intimate stories, inspiring a fleeting sense of time and action.


mallory mollison

3. Photography by Zena Holloway

A self-taught photographer has an extraordinary creative side, that reflects in her work. London-based Zena Holloway’s pictures seem harmonic, calm and natural. They are gracefully composed onto the cosmic thread that binds everything together.

zena hollowayy



4. Photography by Kelly Kirlin

Specializing in underwater portraiture and fashion photography, Kirlin’s work was born out of her love for scuba-diving and photography. She is based in the US and her pictures are filled in vibrant and vivid colors.


kelly kirlin

5. Photography by Von Wong

A mining-engineer turned photographer, Von Wong did this photo shoot amidst the remains of a shipwreck, found deep beneath the waters of Bali. An adventurous idea indeed! The effort was worthwhile since Wong’s extraordinary shots are simply spectacular.



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