Unlock Your Favorite Movie By Tapping a Beer Bottle to Your Computer

This is an excellent news for movie buffs (only if you dig Grolsch brand of beer though.) A great new innovation will let you watch movies online for free by tapping a beer bottle’s neck onto your PC! An app developer and the CEO of a Russian design studio Heads and Hands, Aleksandr Semenov was the first person to come up with the brilliant idea.

Feeling inspired by the beer brand Grolsch’s campaign that allowed the customers to unlock movies online by entering the promotional code given on the bottle, Semenov makes use of bluetooth beacon technology instead, that has eased the process of accessing the movies.

The beacon is fixed to the cap of the beer bottle and can be connected with any bluetooth-enabled device that you might want to watch your movie on. Just tap it against the device and unlock your choice of movie.

Click on the video to see how it works:

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