Rebellion Art : Palestinians Convert Air-Strike Smoke into Powerful Imagery

As the news about the Israel-Palestine conflict continuously rushes into our safe abodes like a passive, but unstoppable wild wind, some of the really affected folks in Gaza are turning the real-life tragedy in action into powerful imagery that conveys rebellion, devastation, and hope. Appearing as if the smoke that rises from the homes of innocent civilians reflects a deeper reality, consisting of many truths.

With their art, these photographers are adamant on conveying those hidden truths behind the smoke. Here’s a glimpse of some of their works:

1. Belal Khaled

A 23-year old youth tries to capture the emotions of tragedy-stricken Palestinians who have lost their loved ones in more than a decade-old conflict between Palestine and Israel. While reworking the photographs of black clouds rising from the lost homes of innocent civilians in Gaza, the artist said that the plumes of smoke captivated his artistic eye.


Photographed by Belal Khaled


Photographed by Belal Khaled


Photographed by Belal Khaled

2. Bushra Shanan

A graphic designer from Hebron in the occupied West Bank, she captions the image below as “How they see it and how we see it.” A powerful comment scribbled across the innocent faces of children, who are not yet old enough to comprehend the gravity of the situation.


Photographed by Bushra Shanan


Photographed by Bushra Shanan

3. Tawfik Gebreel

Gaza-based 27-year old artist and lecturer attempts to portray hidden messages in smoke through the “universal humanitarian language understood by all peoples of the world.” He’s ambitious and wants to put up exhibitions in different countries, depicting the plight of his people through graphic art, “so the world knows the Strip.”


Photographed by Tawfik Gebreel


Photographed by Tawfik Gebreel

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