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5 Reasons Why We are Super Excited About H&M Arriving in India

You know that feeling of flipping through a pile of clothes, trying to assemble an original outfit? A weak attempt to avoid the horror of bumping into someone wearing the same skirt. It’s not fun! Well, we can’t keep getting sunnies, bikinis, cropped tops and sassy work staples from one or two retailers. Options are important and for that we’re glad that H&M is stepping into our world to make it a better place to shop.

Here are 5 reasons on why we are elated about its entry:

1. No longer stuck with Zara (or Forever 21)

Every girl getting caught in the same pair of high-waited pants and cropped top from Zara has officially reached an all time high. Thanks to H&M, this is sure to change. More shoes, more accessories, more clothes! Better bargains, faster fashion and cheaper prices means no more re-runs of Zara or Forever 21.

2. Their sweet collaborations

H&M Beyonce

You will not miss out on any of the cool H&M collaborations. Right from Versace to Isabel Marant and Beyonce to Givenchy, get ready to be the first to get your hands on all limited edition collections that the retailer launches.

3. Faster Online Shopping

Once H&M’s Indian website launches, it will make shopping easier and faster for the busy bees who can’t visit the store. Get ready to fill your online cart during a breather at work.

4. Trendy and Cheap

h&m india 2

H&M is definitely going to be a solution by offering tons of cheap fashionable merchandise. Their extensive range of indispensable must-have staples include everything from lipsticks to lingerie. Merchandise that you would possibly need from morning to the end of your night. All that at insanely do-able rates.

5. Their Eco-Friendly Collection

h&m india 3

H&M is one of the few high street brands that plays its part and launches an eco-friendly collection every season. It is very important part of the label. These hotly anticipated environmental conscious collections are going to fill up our shopping bags and give us that content feeling of being socially responsible.

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