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Top Seven Most Addictive Indian Ads Ever Made

No matter what the product, a powerful ad can be the most influential strategy to market it. With the cutthroat competition of today, an advertisement with a memorable one-liner conveying a strong message may be the best way to penetrate the minds of the gullible Indians.

Here’s a list of our Top Seven most addictive ads that have managed to successfully enter and dwell in the hearts of millions of viewers:

7. Fevicol (Ogilvy and Mather)

Action speak louder than words and this has been the premise of Fevicol Ads. Minimum audio and maximum video-humorous yet purposeful, the fevicol ads over the years have struck a chord among the Indian viewers to become one of the most viewed ads.

6. Coke  (McCann Erickson India)

‘Old is Gold’, they say; this ad released fifteen years ago, with its famous tag line ‘Thanda Matlab…. Coca Cola’ is still considered one of the most memorable jingles of all time. Little did Aamir Khan know that endorsing a mere soft drink would win the applause and appreciation of millions of Indians.

5. Airtel(Taproot India)

This ad made by Airtel perhaps more to appeal to the younger demographic made waves among the teenagers. Everyone around was humming the tune of ‘Har ek friend zarrori hota hai’. With an addictive song and many young teenagers performing in the ad, this ad did well to pull audiences towards their brand.

4. Ulka)

One advertisement that was frequently discussed when initially released was the famous ‘Hari Sadu’ Advertisement made by One of the most popularly viewed ads- brief, crass and humorous this ad embodied the perfect characteristics of an ideal ad.

3. Vodafone- Zuzu’s(Ogilvy and Mather)

Zoozoo’s, the characters promoted by Vodafone during the IPL cricket season for various value added services are one of the most popular fictional TV characters ever made. In fact there is a part of the Indian population today that await the IPL in anticipation only to see the new concept Zoozoo’s that Vodafone are ready to release.

2. Idea Cellular (Lowe Lintas)

Idea Cellular over the years have been known for their addictive jingles and catchy tag lines. Whether it is ‘Hello Honey Bunny’ or ‘No Ullu Banoing’; these songs have been stuck in your head involuntarily. After completing Dhoom 3; Abhishek Bachchan (Brand ambassador of Idea) with lots of time on his hand till the release of Dhoom 4, is expected to be seen in many of the future Idea Ads.

1. Vicco Turmuric(United Trading Agency)

Our Number 1 spot goes to of course- Vicco.You may not use the product but you have to admit to it having the catchiest tag line ever made. Vicco turmeric, nahi cosmetic, vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream’ is a line that can sung anywhere in the country, whether the rural or urban population and people will join in to complete the jingle.

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