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Google Makes Geography Fun With its New Game ‘Smarty Pins’

Google is the indomitable champion in when it comes to the Maps business. Now they released an interesting game using the very same Map technology called Smarty Pins.

The game gives you options to chose categories or just play random. You are given a 1609 Kilometers at the start of the game. With every right answer you get to add kilometers. You lose kilometers depending on how far you are from the exact answer. The game judges your geographic proclivities based on how close you can place the pins in relation to the question.

Smarty Pins 1

You get a time bonus if you answer the question within 15 seconds. Though this tends to get a bit annoying as most of the time you are just too slow in comparison to the clock. The categories are : Featured Topics, Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games, Entertainment and History & Current Affairs.

The comments on your answers are hilarious too. We got one which said, “You are almost close enough, do your initials spell G.P.S”.

This is the perfect way to while away some time and you might discover that you are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit. Either ways its fun and Google deserves some gratitude for trying to make us smarter.

The Questions and hints are really interactive

The questions and hints are really interactive


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