According to a New Survey, Ireland is ‘As Good As it Gets’

Ever wonder which country does more good to the world than the others? The new Good Country Index report reveals for the first time, each country’s overall contribution (or the lack of it ) towards the human race and the planet that harbors them.

The composite report is assembled by tying together 35 diverse, mostly UN-approved databases from across distinct categories like Science and Technology, Culture, International Peace and Security, World Order, Planet and Climate, Prosperity and Equality, and Health and Well-being. The purpose of this report according to its developer Simon Anholt is to see if it can spark a meaningful debate in the media about the world that seems to be driven by self-interest and neglect for the globalized society.

Good Country Index Report 2014 uncovers the overall good being contributed by different countries individually across these diverse parameters. With Ireland, Finland and Switzerland acing the list of good countries in the world while bagging the first, second and third ranks respectively; Iraq, Vietnam and Libya quite indifferently account for the least overall good being done in the world with Libya at its best to not give a damn.

Interestingly, nine countries out of the top 10 that seem to think more about human welfare and the planet Earth are spread across Western Europe.

top10 countries

Here is a further segregation of the the countries that contribute the most to each of the categories:

 Ireland outstrips the entire world by topping the list of countries contributing the most to overall human and planetary welfare, and sets the bar high for others to catch up while ranking number one in Prosperity and Equality. UK’s booming tech industry is finally recognized as the best.

Egypt’s efforts in maintaining International Peace and Security, and Germany’s keen interest in retaining World Order outweighs any other country’s efforts in the respective areas. Lastly, while Spain cares about Health and Well-being of the collective society the most in the world, Iceland seems to care about our Home Planet and its Climate more than the others.

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