List of the Most Fashionable Online Stores in India

You could be whiling away time at work or curled up in bed snacking on calorie-loaded junk food. Online shopping is the easiest way to update your wardrobe. Trend Police tried and tested the services of many to compile a list of the best online stores in India.

1. Koovs


Price Range: Rs 1,100-5,099
Best Part:
 Their collections are on-trend and go for this site you’re the kind who likes her outfit to stand out. Like a typical high street label, their stuff is young, hip and cheap. Koovs also gives you full thirty days to think over your purchase and an option to pay cash on delivery.
Just Something they Need to Fix: Their website layout is messy. Disorganized clothes simply thrown on racks puts off even the biggest shopaholic – the same theory applies for online shoppers.

2. Bhane


Price Range:
Rs 430 – 2300
Best Part: 
The highlight of the shopping experience is the website itself. The images showcasing the clothes have used Indian faces and real people. They are shown posing as street style – well-styled, wearing original designs. With a simple and clean layout, their website is a refreshing change from the rest.
Just Something They Need to Fix: This may be a personal opinion, but the styles can get a bit monotonous and are too simple. The options are also quite limited.

3. Pernia’s Pop Up Shop

pernias pop up

Price Range:
Rs 1,700-2,65,000
Best Part: 
This one has managed to get all Indian designers under one digital umbrella. A major bonus : Their packaging is gorgeous. They deliver a sleek black box, bound by a huge silky white bow. It looks like a gift, momentarily making the customer forget that they picked it out and paid a hefty amount for it.
Secondly, the team at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop uses the power of social media  to keep customers updated with new collections, designers, and special offers. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook tand make the most of seasonal discounts.
Just Something They Need to Fix: Their shipping is slow – orders can take upto 4 weeks to reach your doorstep.

4. Style Fiesta

Style Fiesta

Price Range: Rs 499-2500
Best Part: Clearly every product being sold on Style Fiesta has been picked after much deliberation by a team who has a brilliant eye for style. The selection is tasteful and trendy. The website is also a clean and a pleasure to browse through. Style Fiesta is known to have the best accessories, they’ve  also recently started selling a line of swimsuits.
Just Something They Need to Fix: We have not much to complain about. But we’d like to see them expand their range of products.


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