The Top 10 Countries Worldwide With The Highest Marijuana Consumption

The latest UN Drug Report 2014 unveils which countries have the highest cannabis consumption rate as compared to the others worldwide. A movement pioneered by Uruguay has reached across continents and the statistics are proof of liberalization of marijuana laws as witnessed all over the world.

Here is the list of top 10 countries where marijuana use is more prevalent among people aged between 15 to 64 years as compared to the other nations of the world:

10. Jamaica: 9.86%

The Carribean Ganja has seen much relief in terms of laws related to its consumption. Possession of marijuana in small amounts for personal use and medical purposes has recently been decriminalized in Jamaica, and is now only liable to a fine without any charges being needed to be filed.

9. Australia: 10.3%

australia 1
Queensland as the cannabis capital of Australia, is putting pressure on the Australian government to legalize pot all over the country as its popularity trickles across the borders of Queensland. Latest views on its potential to usher in possible avenues for revenue generation has reignited the marijuana debate within the administration which is considering its legalization as a better option with respect to the related safety issues. However, latest marijuana research is beginning to uncover potential health problems associated with cannabis use which is hindering the ‘miracle herb’ to attain a definite legal status.

8. Spain: 10.6%


Barcelona’s very own ‘Social Clubs’ have been booming since the past few years. These underground access points to cannabis cultivation and consumption have turned Spain into one of the most pro-cannabis countries in all of Europe. Although the Spanish government had green signalled its consumption and possession in small amounts all over the country, its legal consequences relating to its sale and distribution differ from city to city. As far as the private Social Clubs are concerned, the government doesn’t seem to be bothered about it either way.

7. Canada: 12.2%


Licensing of medical marijuana and liberalization of marijuana laws being the latest development in Canada, absolute decriminalization of cannabis for other uses, is still a highly disputed matter, mostly because of the highly organized black market that wouldn’t let the debate take off from its primary stage. The complications are diverse. One of the main concerns of the government is regarding the bootlegging of marijuana that takes place across Canadian borders into the United States. Vancouver, also popularized as Vansterdam, is known to be the biggest supplier of cannabis and other illegal drugs that flow into the States via Ontario, Canada. For this reason, the issue remains in limbo, and is only expected to gain back momentum once the US is ready to relax its own marijuana laws.

6. Nigeria: 14.3%


Scoring the highest position in terms of cannabis abuse in all of Africa, Nigeria’s illegal pot industry sadly relies on its young consumers aged between 15 to 29 years, according to the last year’s data revealed by NOI polls, who mostly end up paying a lot more than just money in return for a packet of weed. Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is not mute about the matter and plans to check the problem of marijuana abuse among young adults by increasing rehabilitation centers and facilities for proper counselling.

5. New Zealand: 14.6%

Supported by medical experts, New Zealand’s Ministry of Health calls for the liberalization of existing policies regarding cannabis and its use in medicine. The health ministry criticizes politicians of suppressing the issue because of the upcoming elections and remains of the view that cannabis can provide the cure for a number of medical ailments, a fact that can be backed up with enough scientific evidence. The issue is widely being debated across the country. Possession, consumption, sale and distribution of cannabis for any kind of use is illegal in New Zealand as of today; however it doesn’t seem to deter stoners from getting their routine high or protestors pushing for liberalization of marijuana laws.

4. Italy: 14.6%

Italian government officials have finally realized the absurdity behind clubbing cannabis with other hardcore substances of abuse like heroin and cocaine and plans to initiate legislative reforms. By liberalizing its stand on cannabis, the move is directed towards decreasing a lot of extra burden put on the prisons that contain more inmates than their collective capacity to house them, and can potentially lead to unfurling of marijuana debate regarding its legal status in Italy.

3. United States: 14.8%

USA’s third most popular recreational drug after alcohol and tobacco has seen an upward movement in terms of its development as a ‘not so harmful’ substance. With medical marijuana trials being held all over the States, 22 US states have been able to push the law enforcement agency to liberalize its laws concerning the matter. However, the federal government still hasn’t succumbed to the rising demand for cannabis for either medical or non-medical use. Fourteen US states are pushing towards decriminalization of cannabis or at least liberalization of state policy.

2. Zambia: 17.7%

With a vision to expand its revenue generation by exploring cannabis trade in other countries where marijuana has been legalized, Zambia government aims to legalizing the plant’s cultivation while restricting it to high security zones only. Thus, it calls for repealing of marijuana laws in the country that deems its cultivation for any purpose an illegal activity.

1. Iceland: 18.3%

In view of the recent events relating to marijuana and its decriminalization worldwide, the President of Iceland is planning its full legalization within the country. However, no final word has come out yet. As of now, it is illegal to possess, cultivate or sell marijuana in Iceland.

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