Insanity Workout: Sweat The Lard out…Insanely

There is no shortage of fitness equipment’s, supplements, DVD’s and lot more shenanigans. They all promise you the looks of a  Schwarzenegger but when you look into the mirror, you look like the same old Friar Tuck.

Now I am one of those who have had the extra baggage around their bodies all their lives. The one fact that I have been proud of though is that I never shelled out money for these miraculous  fitness regimes. Doctors and nutritionist all around the world  have exclusively stated that there is NO fast and easy method to weight loss. But still this multi-billion dollar industry thrives on the insecurities of people all around the world.

So this friend of mine gifts me this DVD called Insanity and she tells me that she’ll workout with me. She said it could actually do wonders. Of course, I was suspicious of the proposition. She was training at the Russian military institute while I was voraciously destroying my Aalu Paranthas. So her body was more used to pain than my momma’s boy figure.

After nagging I gave in and got my flabby-thigh-flaunting-shorts on and plugged in the DVD. Let me tell you at the start, this DVD really works.

 The Host

insanity-workout-shaun-tShaun T is an excellent trainer to have. The man is literally like a supportive big brother who will encourage the Shizz out of you. He has an inspirational body, his words keep you upbeat and occasionally crack you up. He constantly reminds you that even if you have to dig deeper, it’s okay to take a break and get loads of water. I will go ahead and say he is probably the best trainer out there.

The Workout

Oh, the pain, I can feel it just by remembering the workout. Insanity is a 60-day all round cardio workout. This is great because nothing does overall good for the body like running, jumping and losing a ton of sweat. You will literally create a puddle of sweat every time you do the workout.

The plan of the work out is basically divided into 4 parts : Warm up, Stretches, THE TORTURE(aka the main workout) and then the cool down. The 2 month workout is planned and the schedule is provided along with the DVD.

The entire workout ranges between 30 to 50 minutes in the first month and in the second month after you build up the tolerance for the torture, it goes up to one and a half hour.


Insanity reaches to every nook and corner of your body. It tones out every muscle in your body. Within a month you will start getting the compliments.

The key to doing the workout is keeping the energy up and constantly staying hydrated and most importantly knowing your breaking point. As its a heavy intensity workout it is advised to get a doctors opinion if you have heart conditions or other such illnesses which can be regressive to your health. Most importantly don’t skip any step.

It is in fact the most humane of workouts too. The back up folks get tired almost at the same time as you and are also close to giving up just like you, but Shaun T always comes to the rescue and gets you up to do that final set. You can choose to workout at your own speed.

The best part of the workout is that you don’t need to spend any extra money on any equipment. You may want a yoga mat but even that is not necessary. Just grab on your shoes, keep your water bottle on the side and sweat all that excess of you Out !


Insanity works because it decreases the break period thereby not letting your body feel the fatigue. With every set the intensity gets even harder, that’s were constant encouragement help you out.

The music matches with the step of the workout you are in. It gets chill during stretches and gets heavy during the high intensity period of the workout thereby keeping you in groove, here I will suggest you invest in or borrow good speakers to have an immersive workout.


Words of Wisdom

 Yes this workout is effective, I didn’t just loose 8 Kilograms in those two months, I could see parts of my body such as bones and veins that I had never seen in my life. But the catch is not quiting once you are done with the workout because the fat is just around and it will return back with a vengence. After finishing the workout it is necessary to keep doing cardio to maintain all the progress you have made, even if its for 30 minutes a day.

So if you want to give your body a chance, this is the way forward. All you need is the DVD and your body and you are set for wonderful things. Go ahead and Dig Deeper !

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