Ringly : This Bluetooth-Enabled Ring Mixes Glamour and Tech

Everything around us these days is going ‘Smart.’ We love our Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Smart TV’s. It doesn’t stop there. Who says we can’t make the jewelry we don, smart as well? Ringly has come up with something interesting.

The Bluetooth enabled smart ring lights up and buzzes to alert users of calls, messages, emails, and other app notifications. Tagged as the first connected ring, Ringly aims to allow users to continue to receive notifications even while the phone is put away in a bag or otherwise unavailable. The ring, which lasts for up to three days on a single charge, connects to an accompanying iPhone app to deliver notifications.


Ringly is designed to light up or vibrate when a notification is received, and it is entirely customizable. It allows you to set four different vibration patterns and five colors that can be assigned to different notifications. For example, if there is a phone call might light up in red light while for a new twitter notification it will flash blue light. The ring is also able to sync with reminders, letting users know when a meeting or appointment is coming up.

ringly (1)

Ringly is available in three sizes (6,7 and 8) with four different designs that feature precious and semi-precious stones in 18K matte gold settings. Three of the rings can be pre-ordered for $145, while a fourth ring sells for $180. The rings will retail for considerably more, starting at $195. The first 1,000 rings sold will have a real diamond in the side.
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