House of Cards

New House of Cards Trailer Shows All’s Not Well in the Underwood Paradise

Netflix has released another trailer for the new season of House of Cards. It promises murder, plotting, smoking and selfies so far, among other things. There is also a brief glimpse of Neve Campbell, along with Joel Kinnaman and Ellen Burstyn there. Check it out below.

Netflix provides a little description under the video which reads as -“Frank and Claire continue their pursuit for power, battling everyone in their way, including each other.” Looks like its time to bring out the popcorn as the Underwoods fight it out with each other. Their relationship is headed in a very dark direction, if we are to go by the trailer.

The show suddenly seems to have the air of a thriller and horror which is enough to get viewers excited, especially those who had undergone a slight lull in interest post the earlier seasons. The fourth season comes out on March 4th as has already been announced last month in the previous trailer.



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